Manila Majors & The International Hype!

Posted by Olly P on

With the Majors now finished and OG being named the winners for the second time, placing them as the first ever team to win 2 Valve Majors it's now time to set our eyes apon The International... 

 This August Valve will once again be hosting TI in the seattle KeyArena and we are just a little bit excited. The whole house has been booked up for people coming to stay for the event and the now annual pre-finals party we hold.

I'd like to personally invite you all to share in the celebration by offering 10% off anything and everything in our Dota2 range from now until August the 14th with the code: "TI6HYPE" at checkout.

During this time We'll also be running a competition for Dota2 inspired designs with a prize of a free t-shirt of every design we choose to feature in our store.

To enter leave a low rez version of your design in the comments or send your design to and we'll let everyone know the winners on the 5th of August so you can get your shirts ready for your own TI6 parties!

There is a couple of rules though:

  • Must be own original work
  • Cannot contain nudity or overly sexual imagery

Get creative, there's no limit on how many we like!